Thames Water wants to devastate our vibrant, mixed community in South Fulham

January 26th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Why support us

They plan to dump one of the huge main drilling sites for their planned ‘supersewer’ on a tiny riverside plot squeezed in the centre of the densely residential area around Carnwath Road – an area with hundreds of mainly young families, junior schools, shops and small businesses.

Time is running out – help us stop this. We need you to be one of many voices.

Thames Water do not need to use this site – there are far less costly and socially destructive alternatives.

Help us force Thames Water to think again.

If you only do one thing this year to protect your home, your health and your community, help us stop Thames Water from fouling Fulham for good….

Who are Stop them Shafting Fullham?

Stop them Shafting Fulham (SSF)  is a coalition of local campaigning groups, residents’ associations and societies. We have joined forces to fight the outrageous proposal by Thames Water to use the tiny wharf sites at Carnwath Road in South Fulham as one of the 3 main drilling and excavation  sites for their giant planned ‘supersewer’ scheme.

The members of the coalition, whose campaign is supported by Hammersmith & Fulham Council, include The Peterborough Road & Area Residents Association (PRARA), Residents Against the Sewer In Fulham (RATSF), Friends of South Park, The Fulham Society, and the Fulham Riverside West Partnership.

What will you pay?

For this hugely costly and totally unproven scheme all Thames Water customers will have to pay £4,000 (at least £80 per year extra, from 2013, permanently on our water bills)…

Would you pay £4,000?

…for the ‘privilege’ of having one of the largest, longest-lasting construction sites in London’s history dumped needlessly in the centre of a family residential community less than 100 metres from the homes of over 800 local people, some of whom live feet away from the site?

…for one more than 15,000 homes within just 1,500 metres if the site, all of whose residents would have to put up with up to ten years of construction noise, dust and disruption, pollution, the extra local traffic chaos or the property value blight the site would cause.

…for one which would needlessly destroy over 300 jobs (because Thames Water would still need to commandeer the little business park at Carnwath Road to make the site big enough for them to use)?

… worst of all, for one which would kill off the whole existing riverside regeneration plan for Carnwath Road, which was to have created hundreds of new homes, recreational facilities and amenities, and craft and creative business units.

The supersewer construction there would kill this regeneration scheme for good and would badly hurt any future regeneration plans.

The case has not been made

The case for the whole supersewer scheme has not even been made. But even if the plan goes ahead, the case against putting the main drilling site here in Carnwath Road even is overwhelming.

There are 2 clear and far more suitable alternatives, neither of which would create such blight on any other local community. So help us stop Thames Water coming here.

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  • Tom MacNeece says:

    I attended the meeting on Thursday in south Fulham and left very unimpressed. The residents expressed themselves admirably as they sat before an inspector who was out of sight to most of us. The term aparatchik came to mind as he listened to evidence – much of it heart-rending where it concerned the elderly, the very young and the frail. Thames Water, or more accurately Macquarie private equity, spoke briefly at the end. Just one question was allowed and that was not properly answered.
    So, as one walked home you thought:: “There was no effort to test the case put forward by Thames Water. They got away with murder. It was a sham, a cynical charade purporting to be democracy in action”.
    My mind went back 50 years to a time when I reported on a planning inquiry into a Manchester overspill housing project in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Planning counsel for both sides cross-examined ruthlessly. Both Macquarie’s and RWE’s deplorable records on infrastructure and dividend policy would have been exposed. They would have been asked to justify in full why the choice had been made for Carnworth Road rather than Barn Elms.
    It would have been rather like that Mrs Merton question. So why have you chosen, Macquarie, a site in Carnworth Road with a high residual value when the project is finished, rather than the comparatively rural Barn Elms, with no residual value?
    “Oh, I see, it is so that you don’t have to disrupt the use of the tow path and the recreational rowing”. Pause …”And you expect us to believe that?”
    Perhaps I am being unfair. But the case was not tested, and I left under the impression that all those involved in the planning of this were both insane and totally incompetent. That can’t have been the object of the exercise, but I think 90% of those at the meeting would be left with the same impression. Human beings simply did not matter in this inquiry conducted by a corporate aparatchik.

  • Tom MacNeece says:

    Could the private equity firm managing Thames Water be insolvent under UK law – not on the basis of its cash flow but on the basis of the debt structure in its balance sheet? If this technically the case, would it be lawful for the government to invest taxpayers money in the super sewer project?

    For more, see -


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