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May 12th, 2013 | Posted by admin in What you can do to help

We need you to register as an “interested party” by midnight on Tuesday May 28 2013 so you can have your voice heard.

Register now.

Should I register?

We really need you to register before the deadline of May 28.  By doing so you formally become an “interested party” which means you can summarise your concerns about the tunnel project now, can attend the preliminary meeting (this could be September) before the examination of the evidence takes place in the autumn. You can then submit further detailed written views, can ask to be heard in any oral hearings, and will be kept posted on what is happening at each stage.

Will the RATS/SSF coalition be registering?

Yes, absolutely! But we are encouraging individuals to register too as this ensures you can have your say on matters of particular concern to you, and to support our campaign. Many local registrations may also help to encourage the planning inspectors to focus in on the key issues in contention in Carnwath Road and South Fulham generally.

Should all in my household register?

Any person can register but you will probably not want multiple copies of letters etc. being sent to your household. You may find it best if one person in the household registers if you all share similar views about the tunnel.

Are there any fees or obligations involved?

No. As a registered interested party you may attend the preliminary meeting and any oral hearings as well as being able to submit written views, but you are not obliged to do so.

Will my views be published?

Yes, your name and views will appear on the planning portal website after the registration period has closed. Your contact details will appear in the hard copies open to public inspection.

How do I register?

It is easiest to register online. Note you must complete all of the form to become an interested party!


Question 1: About You

Most individuals will choose the first option, completing the form “for myself”, the form asks for your name, address and contact details. You can select to be kept informed by email (or post if you prefer).

Question 2: Interest in land

Even though most local residents will not have any of their property directly used by the project, they will be affected by it. So whether you are an owner, occupier, leaseholder or tenant you should answer ‘Yes’. Most people will check boxes 1 and 3 that then appear on the electronic form. Unless you have land that will actually be compulsorily acquired for the project, answer No to the question on a compulsory acquisition hearing.

Question 3: Your representation

In the box provided write your views about the project (under 500 words if possible – you can submit much fuller representations at a later stage).  Do express your views on whether you think there should be a major construction site in South Fulham (NO!), and concerns you may have about the impact on the lives of yourself and your household (noise, vibration, pollution, sleep deprivation, dangers to children etc.). Remember to remain courteous as the Planning Inspectorate are independent from Thames Water.

Question 4: Participation in the examination

Our coalition will certainly be attending the preliminary meeting (it may be held in Westminster Central Hall). By saying Yes to this question you are not obliged to turn up!

Do say ‘Yes’ to submitting written representations at a later stage. This preserves your right to add to what you have said now, but again you do not have to do it when the time comes.

Regarding your participation to speak at open floor hearings and issue specific hearings, say ‘Yes’ to this only if you are keen to participate in these hearings as an individual.

Finally complete the ‘captcha’ to authenticate your submission, and check you receive a confirmation email.

Thank you for your support!

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  • This is an important consultation and the planning inspectorate is independent of Thames Water. You can express your views and know that they will be taken into account. So the more people who do so the stronger our voice will be. Please contact your friends and neighbours and urge them to take part. Also take a look at http://www.cleanthames.org which has a lot of background information on the continuing fight against the Thames Tunnel. The argument and evidence that Green Infrastructure has greater cons/benefits is growing stronger,and has been adopted by the EU as an alternative to the deep tunnel solution to the problems of urban stormwater.
    We need to keep up the pressure. All hands to the pump as they say.

  • P.J.Woods says:

    We have strongly objected to this proposal from the outset because of the heavy continuous truck loading in the area, the massive demolition effects for a considerable period, the deleterious effects on a major number of schools in the area, and the increased polution for all. Particulalry because there are other sites where local community damage is nothing like as severe as in the Fulham area – there is no justification for the sudden change from a previous area , which had much less objections in fact and principle.

    Peter J Woods & family

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