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May 19th, 2012 | Posted by admin in In the news | What you can do to help

We’ve joined up with Clean Thames campaign.  We want a Clean Thames, delivered in a sustainable way:

  • As soon as possible – waiting another 10+ years is not an option!
  • At a cost affordable to all
  • Delivered in the greenest possible way
  • Paving the way to intelligent green infrastructure, suitable to address the storm- and waste-water challenges of the 21stcentury

Read more about the issues at stake, then read through Clean Thames’ solutions.

Sign our petition!

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  • Bob Latimer says:

    Although no where near the size of the proposed Thames Tunnel we have one of these so-called ‘super storm sewage tunnels’ in the northeast of England it has been a disaster, provide a email address and I will tell you all about it.
    Bob Latimer

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