Today, Thames Water announced that they are going ahead with the Super sewer despite the groundswell of people against the plans, including Mayor Boris Johnson.

Even though thousands of local residents responded to the consultation, Thames Water are still going ahead with the plans. This just shows that the “consultation” was a farce, a tickbox exercise and residents views were not listened to.

Thames Water acknowledge that many people had ‘concerns regarding the costs of the project and how it will be funded, including queries regarding the effects on customers’ bills’ but incredibly, believe that ‘no new information’ was given that would make them change their plans.

Over 3,100 people responded to the Carnwath Road site this compares to 1,519 to King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore, 387 to Barn Elms, 171 on the Putney Bridge foreshore and 639 on Chambers wharf.

Well done, and thank you, to everyone who commented on the Carnwath Road site.

So, why didn’t Thames Water provide a breakdown of sentiment of the sites? They could have easily  shown the numbers or percentage of positive, neutral and negative comments. I suspect it would show the overwhelming community support to ditch the project.

So what can we do? Please contact Boris Johnson and push him to review the consultation.

Thames Water claim that their hugely disruptive proposed single ‘supersewer’ deep tunnel scheme is the only cost-effective solution to the sewage pollution into the River Thames.

They justify this claim by asserting that green infrastructure alternatives such as SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) would cost far more.

But actually this is not true. It’s a ‘cost con-trick’ on all Thames Water’s long-suffering customers – especially those who don’t even live in London. Here’s why:


They plan to dump one of the huge main drilling sites for their planned ‘supersewer’ on a tiny riverside plot squeezed in the centre of the densely residential area around Carnwath Road – an area with hundreds of mainly young families, junior schools, shops and small businesses.

Time is running out – help us stop this. We need you to be one of many voices.

Thames Water do not need to use this site – there are far less costly and socially destructive alternatives.

Help us force Thames Water to think again.

If you only do one thing this year to protect your home, your health and your community, help us stop Thames Water from fouling Fulham for good….