We’ve joined up with Clean Thames campaign.  We want a Clean Thames, delivered in a sustainable way:

  • As soon as possible – waiting another 10+ years is not an option!
  • At a cost affordable to all
  • Delivered in the greenest possible way
  • Paving the way to intelligent green infrastructure, suitable to address the storm- and waste-water challenges of the 21stcentury

Read more about the issues at stake, then read through Clean Thames’ solutions.

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They plan to dump one of the huge main drilling sites for their planned ‘supersewer’ on a tiny riverside plot squeezed in the centre of the densely residential area around Carnwath Road – an area with hundreds of mainly young families, junior schools, shops and small businesses.

Time is running out – help us stop this. We need you to be one of many voices.

Thames Water do not need to use this site – there are far less costly and socially destructive alternatives.

Help us force Thames Water to think again.

If you only do one thing this year to protect your home, your health and your community, help us stop Thames Water from fouling Fulham for good….

In April, planning inspectors were given the go ahead for the next stage of the super sewer’s development.

We will be able to voice our concerns in public meetings in September but first you need to register, quick it closes on 28 May.

There will be drop-in sessions over the next week:

  • Hammersmith Town Hall, May 15 from 2pm-5pm
  • Wharf Rooms, Imperial Road,  May 23, from 5pm-8pm


We need you to register as an “interested party” by midnight on Tuesday May 28 2013 so you can have your voice heard.

Register now.

Should I register?

We really need you to register before the deadline of May 28.  By doing so you formally become an “interested party” which means you can summarise your concerns about the tunnel project now, can attend the preliminary meeting (this could be September) before the examination of the evidence takes place in the autumn. You can then submit further detailed written views, can ask to be heard in any oral hearings, and will be kept posted on what is happening at each stage.

Will the RATS/SSF coalition be registering?

Yes, absolutely! But we are encouraging individuals to register too as this ensures you can have your say on matters of particular concern to you, and to support our campaign. Many local registrations may also help to encourage the planning inspectors to focus in on the key issues in contention in Carnwath Road and South Fulham generally.

Should all in my household register?

Any person can register but you will probably not want multiple copies of letters etc. being sent to your household. You may find it best if one person in the household registers if you all share similar views about the tunnel.

Are there any fees or obligations involved?

No. As a registered interested party you may attend the preliminary meeting and any oral hearings as well as being able to submit written views, but you are not obliged to do so.

Will my views be published?

Yes, your name and views will appear on the planning portal website after the registration period has closed. Your contact details will appear in the hard copies open to public inspection.

How do I register?

It is easiest to register online. Note you must complete all of the form to become an interested party!


Question 1: About You

Most individuals will choose the first option, completing the form “for myself”, the form asks for your name, address and contact details. You can select to be kept informed by email (or post if you prefer).

Question 2: Interest in land

Even though most local residents will not have any of their property directly used by the project, they will be affected by it. So whether you are an owner, occupier, leaseholder or tenant you should answer ‘Yes’. Most people will check boxes 1 and 3 that then appear on the electronic form. Unless you have land that will actually be compulsorily acquired for the project, answer No to the question on a compulsory acquisition hearing.

Question 3: Your representation

In the box provided write your views about the project (under 500 words if possible – you can submit much fuller representations at a later stage).  Do express your views on whether you think there should be a major construction site in South Fulham (NO!), and concerns you may have about the impact on the lives of yourself and your household (noise, vibration, pollution, sleep deprivation, dangers to children etc.). Remember to remain courteous as the Planning Inspectorate are independent from Thames Water.

Question 4: Participation in the examination

Our coalition will certainly be attending the preliminary meeting (it may be held in Westminster Central Hall). By saying Yes to this question you are not obliged to turn up!

Do say ‘Yes’ to submitting written representations at a later stage. This preserves your right to add to what you have said now, but again you do not have to do it when the time comes.

Regarding your participation to speak at open floor hearings and issue specific hearings, say ‘Yes’ to this only if you are keen to participate in these hearings as an individual.

Finally complete the ‘captcha’ to authenticate your submission, and check you receive a confirmation email.

Thank you for your support!

Read and download the latest campaigning newsletter leaflet, poster and Q & A advice from H&F council, released this week (Nov 21).

Download and print the posters and put them up where you can. And please forward or distribute the newsletter and other publicity material information to everyone in your area you think may be interested…


Today, Thames Water announced that they are going ahead with the Super sewer despite the groundswell of people against the plans, including Mayor Boris Johnson.

Even though thousands of local residents responded to the consultation, Thames Water are still going ahead with the plans. This just shows that the “consultation” was a farce, a tickbox exercise and residents views were not listened to.

Thames Water acknowledge that many people had ‘concerns regarding the costs of the project and how it will be funded, including queries regarding the effects on customers’ bills’ but incredibly, believe that ‘no new information’ was given that would make them change their plans.

Over 3,100 people responded to the Carnwath Road site this compares to 1,519 to King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore, 387 to Barn Elms, 171 on the Putney Bridge foreshore and 639 on Chambers wharf.

Well done, and thank you, to everyone who commented on the Carnwath Road site.

So, why didn’t Thames Water provide a breakdown of sentiment of the sites? They could have easily  shown the numbers or percentage of positive, neutral and negative comments. I suspect it would show the overwhelming community support to ditch the project.

So what can we do? Please contact Boris Johnson and push him to review the consultation.

Good news, Boris is seeing sense over the super sewer! He has promised a full consultation on the project.

Boris said in the Evening Standard

It is vital that we clean up the Thames and I am committed to support measures that achieve this. But I am increasingly concerned over the rising cost that it will impose on Londoners, already hard hit by the current economic climate, and also the severe disruption for many people in some parts of London. We need greater clarity on whether this is indeed the best scheme that could be devised.

Read the full story.

(This is a copy of our enewsletter sent this week.)

Next week we have the opportunity to show Boris Johnson just how much our community opposes the super sewer in Fulham.

On Wednesday 7th March Boris is bringing his ‘Mayor’s Question Time’ event to Hammersmith Town Hall from 7pm to 9pm.
With only two months to go until he faces the voters in the mayoral elections, we think that Boris is taking his support for granted in Hammersmith & Fulham. For a man who claims to represent all of London, he has done a very public job of supporting the campaign to move the construction site from Barn Elms and dump it in Fulham.
Boris is far from guaranteed to get re-elected and he needs reminding of that.
Entry to the event is free but you must pre-register for a ticket using this link Mayor’s Question Time
It is essential that we have a presence at this event to remind Boris that we do not want our community destroyed when there are other, more suitable sites available like Kirtling Street in Battersea. Representatives of the Stop them Shafting Fulham campaign are taking a delegation, supported by Greg Hands MP, to a face-to-face meeting with Boris just two days later on 9th March.
We want to go to that meeting with Boris already under no misapprehension about the scale of opposition in Fulham.
As well as attending the event and trying to ask Boris some pertinent questions we also want to make sure he receives a proper welcome when he arrives at the event. We want as many volunteers as possible to stand outside the Town Hall when the Mayor of London arrives, holding our ‘Stop the Sewer’ banner and more of our famous balloons.
If you can spare even half an hour on Wednesday evening to come and tell Boris what you think then please let us know.

Thank you

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Contact us

Please get in touch with us for further information including action packs, hard copies of our survey, car stickers and postcards.
Telephone: 020 7871 3565
Cascade Communications, who represent the landowners, are supporting the local campaign, providing coordination for activities.

What can I do?

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Now that the consultation has closed, we need you to help us keep the pressure on.

You can:

  • Complete one of our pre-addressed postcards to send to Greg Hands MP and Boris Johnson
  • Tweet Greg Hands, Boris Johnson letting them know we need to stop the #supersewer
  • Email Boris and Greg
Write to Boris:
Boris Johnson
Mayor of London
Greater London Authority
City Hall
The Queen’s Walk
More London
London SE1 2AA

Write to Greg:
Greg Hands MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

Thames Water consultation closes

As the Thames Water consultation deadline loomed on Friday 10th February, SSF campaigners handed over more than 2,500 survey responses to Thames Water representative Phil Stride at an event on the corner of Wandsworth Bridge Road and Carnwath Road.

SSF representative were joined by pupils from Thomas’s School, Greg Hands MP, Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh (Leader, LBH&F) and Cllr Nick Botterill (Deputy Leader, LBH&F).

As Phil Stride arrived to receive our responses, children and politicians joined in a rousing chant of “No to the sewer!” before handing over boxes full of completed surveys. You can read a report from the H&F Chronicle here.

The number of people who turned out for the handover on a freezing February morning showed Thames Water just how determined we are to fight their proposals.
We are extremely grateful to the staff, children and parents of Thomas’s school for supporting us – a clear demonstration that people are starting to understand just what a huge impact this scheme would have on our community.

We are still counting up and tallying the final few surveys which arrived late in the day but we expect to be well over 2,600. In comparison, during the phase 1 consultation, Barn Elms residents submitted just over 600 survey responses.

But the campaign does not stop here. Although 10th February was the official deadline for Thames Water’s consultation we will to continue to campaign to force Thames Water to think again.

What can you do?

The immediate priority is to maintain as much pressure as possible on the politicians so we want as many people as possible to complete one of our pre-addressed postcards to send to Greg Hands MP and Boris Johnson. Early next week we will let you know about our future plans.

In the meantime if you would like to get involved in the campaign or would like to contribute any suggestions or ideas please email us at stopthesewer@cascadepr.co.uk

Thank you

3 days left…

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…to stop Thames Water from devastating our neighbourhood

There are only 3 days to go until the deadline expires for Thames Water’s consultation on using Carnwath Road as a main construction site for the Super Sewer.
Sadly we have not succeeded in our attempt to have the consultation deadline extend.
The water minister Richard Benyon has written to Boris Johnson to say that it would cost too much to change the timetable and that he has no power to instruct Thames Water.
We will continue to challenge this decision but in the meantime we must focus all of our attention and energies on collecting as many responses as possible to Thames Water’s consultation before Friday.Fulham is not the right location for a giant construction site that will run 24/7 for seven years, let alone a concrete box that will ensure our riverside is blighted forever more:


URGENT: Send us your questionnaire

Please complete our questionnaire and send it in to using the freepost address. On the afternoon of Friday 10th February a group of capaigners along with Greg Hands MP and local councillors will be handing over all your responses to a representative of Thames Water so we need to have received all completed questionnaires by then. We have produced a shorter version of the Thames Water Survey which can be completed online in less than 5 minutes, at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/fulhamsewer.

We need everyone to continue to spread the word about the threat from Thames Water and get all your friends, neighbours and work colleagues to complete the questionnaire before 10th February.  Please note, you must provide your name and address so that Thames Water will formally register the correspondence. If you would prefer to complete their consultation, go to:www.thamestunnelconsultation.co.uk

So far, we have received over 1,700 completed questionnaires, a fantastic achievement, but we still need more.

What next for the campaign?

This week we are focussing solely on collecting as many completed questionnaires as possible but we have already begfun planning the next steps in our campaign and will issue another newsletter next week with more details of how you can get involved.

We can stop this but only with your support.

Thank you